South Jersey Libertarian Party - Sept 2021 Meeting Minutes

South Jersey Libertarian Party September 2021 Monthly Meeting
Call to order & quorum check (Chair) 7:27 PM

  • I. Agenda Review & approval (Chair)
  • II. Secretary’s Report
    • a. August Minutes reviewed and accepted.
  • III. Treasurer’s Report
    • a. There is $2,635.35 in the bank.
    • b. Matt is almost finished getting PayPal/Venmo/Zelle set up. That should be completed by the end of the week.
  • IV. Representative Reports:
    • a. Nick Magner:
      • i. He presented the PO Box key to Tim, and he just renewed the box for another 6 months.
      • ii. Last board meeting dealt mostly with appointing a bylaws committee. State board meeting is on zoom. Date & times are pending
    • b. Bill Sihr: not present
      c. Rich Bowen: not present\

Old/ongoing business

  • V. Bylaws update: SNJLP Bylaws are meant to fill in the gaps from what’s in the State Bylaws.
    We need a committee, and Tim is still looking for volunteers. He again handed out the
    proposed changes. If anyone needs a copy of the existing Bylaws or if you want to be on the
    Committee, let Tim know.
  • VI. Joe will help Terri post the minutes on website; we’ll put the link on the SNJLP Facebook
    page. Terri will reach out to Joe.
  • VII. Upcoming events in South Jersey
    • a. If anyone sees any events coming up, let Tara Fisher know.
      b. Bridgeton Apple Fest 9/11/21 & 9/12/21.
      c. LGBTQ event coming up 9/12/21.
      d. Pumpkin Fest Oct 9 – 10 at the Salem County Fairgrounds.
      e. We will not be participating at the Bordentown Cranberry Festival or the Kirby’s Mill
      Apple Festival.

New Business

  • VIII. Vice Chair/VP Membership will be the same position, and this will be codified in the soon to
    be updated Bylaws.
    a. Tara Fisher was nominated for VC/VP Membership. Motion was seconded and she was
    unanimously approved.
  • b. Ashton Muffley was nominated to take over VP Events. Motion was seconded and she
    was unanimously approved.
  • IX. Tara made a motion for us to purchase another 100 pocket constitutions…cost with tax
    would be about 106.00. approved
    X. Faith & Freedom Coalition of New Jersey is holding a General Meeting open to the public on
    Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at Faith Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 545 Daretown Rd.,
    Elmer, NJ 08318. The regular meeting time is 7 to 9 PM, but this event may begin at 6:30 PM
    and go longer. All three of the gubernatorial candidates have been invited to attend and
    give a 20-minute speech covering their campaign objectives. As of today, Gregg Mele (L),
    and Jack Ciatarelli (R) have both confirmed but Phil Murphy (D) has not responded to the
    invitation. The candidates for Cumberland and Salem County Commissioners have also been
    invited to attend. There will be a short time afterward for questions from the audience.

Meeting adjourned at 8:09
Respectfully Submitted,

Terri Brown, SNJLP Secretary

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